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Poster: bullie89 Date: Sep 10, 2012 2:36pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: For the Video Cellar regarding music

I know YouTube is a mess. I got the strike removed for 'Charade' and got another strike when I reuploaded it!

There are enormous sites such as smpr12 and his wife CoachBswife who must spend every waking moment uploading stuff to YouTube. I need to know how they get around the music contentID matches. Is it possible that they have some sort of special arrangement to not be bugged over the music? I need to know how the Video Cellar gets around the music. Could you please enlighten me?

Imagine my surprise that Adventure Island is PD. I often post for users to subscribe to you as you have so many great films and they are definitely in my DVD collection!

Thanks in advance for your help as other YouTube folks have problems with the music all the time. I know the site uses bots and they get you before the file is completely uploaded! I am a MAGNET for the music!

Kind regards,


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Poster: Video-Cellar Date: Sep 11, 2012 1:58pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: For the Video Cellar regarding music

I get music and video claims all the time. The only method I know to get around them is for the claimant to add you to their "white list" which is a list of channels not to claim on. I have only had one major claimant add me to their white list after my lawyer wrote to them.

For all other claims, often on very old public domain compositions, I just have to file the disputes like all other users. Some claimants release the claim fairly promptly. Others let it run for the full 30 days and expire.

One recent one that really annoyed me was a claim on the public domain composition "Plaisir D'amour" in "Love Affair". The claimant held on to the claim until the last day of the 30 days and then denied the claim - for a song composed in the 1800s and an arrangement that was published but never registered for copyright.

Adventure Island is a great little film. Just wish I could have found a colour print and not the B&W TV print I had to use.

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Poster: bullie89 Date: Sep 12, 2012 4:54am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: For the Video Cellar regarding music

I am always very polite when I dispute a claim for the music. I mention that as long as a dispute is transpiring, nobody makes a cent. I do not know how some of these 'claimants' get into the content ID system. There are loads of false 'companies' that attempt to make money from the films that it boggles the mind. Did you write to companies such as GoDigital, Warner Chapel, EMI, Orchard and their counterpart IODA and ask them to Whitelist you?

I had the same problem as you had with 'Love Affair' and I waited to post that film until you all did your magic on the restoration of the film. I was so annoyed because I was unable to fully process it due to their claim.

I have been literally forced to pull films as the music claimant reinstates their claim. One was for 'Fighting Caravans' which I ripped from a VIDEO_TS file and worked on the lighting and the sound and it was 100% better than the print I had access to in the Archive. The same thing happened with 'The Santa Fe Trail' with Olivia deHaviland. I was so burned as YouTube put my account in bad standing because three claimants surfaced for the film which I ripped.

I have another source for films and the old films are VIDEO_TS files which is a great help. I am in no way a 'Pro' but I do the best I can. I will see if I can find a color print of 'Adventure Island'. My other source for my vintage film addiction (!) is an off shore company that manages to get around the US Copyright laws. I have practically every film Frances Farmer ever made.

Shall I contact the music claimants and ask them to whitelist my account or should I have an attorney do it for me? I am trying to raise a bit of change to support my horse rescue and it has been difficult. I have not monetized anything yet as the site still refuses to recognize the PIN# for my credit card even though I sent a copy of the notice from the bank which advised me to do!

In short, YouTube is a nightmare and what used to be a nice site has turned into a horrible experience.

Thanks for letting me know about the Whitelisting!

Have a great day,


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Poster: bullie89 Date: Sep 27, 2012 6:05pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: For the Video Cellar regarding music

I was unable to find a color print of Adventure Island with Rory Calhoun. I have a film from 1929 which I think is in the Public Domain. It is called 'So Long Letty' with Charlotte Greenwood. I ripped the VIDEO_TS and converted it to an .avi. Here are the details from the IMDB:

It says 'Own the Rights? Put up a Poster.' I also have a film called The Common Law which I think also may be PD. It stars Constance Bennett and it is from 1931. Here is the info from the IMDB for that one:

I really do not know how to check if something is PD or not beyond whatever is listed on the US Copyright Database which does not go back that far.

Regarding my problems with the music in these PD films, do you advise I get an attorney to ask them to whitelist me or should I contact them myself?

There are so many films you have restored lately I cannot keep up with you! Request 'The Red House' for your list. This film is rather noisy and there are a few copies in the archive that are not the full film.

Please let me know about the status of the films and I will upload them. Also please let me know what your advice is for the music.

Many thanks! Charade is definitely PD! :)